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  1. Julia Adame

    Couldn’t figure out how to hear a sample of the long healing prayer recited. Confusing website.

    • Hi Julia. I’m sorry, I took the prayer down because I wanted to re-record it in a little better quality. I promise to put it back up this weekend. I’ll also try to figure out something to simplify using the site. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  2. leslie scheelings

    did the recording ever come back?

  3. Judi Behrendt

    I can’t figure out how to listen to Long Obligatory Prayer either. Am I missing something???

  4. Bud Scott

    I like the site, I don’t like the advertisements. I have a couple of domains myself and do not feel the need to inflict unwanted advertisement. I really think that a flashing banner ad is crass in juxtaposition to the Long Obligatory prayer. If you think this site is worth doing it is worth doing right, if funding is the issue you might want to approach your Local Spiritual Assembly or have a discrete Paypal contribute button some where on the page or as I do on one of my site, I have a link to the affiliates I have all on a separate page if anyone is interested.

    This is just my humble opinion

    • Thanks Bud for the feedback! The adds are gone. I’m glad you like the site, and cared enough to comment. The truth is that funding in the form of 3rd party adds was never my intention. Good thing, too, because I just checked to see if the adds even brought any money in over the time they have been up – not a cent. I hope its clear that the uncountable hours I’ve put into it and the loads of money I’ve spent were not about making money but rather about making something beautiful and valuable for the Bahá’í world.

      I’ve always wanted to make VoicesDivine a site where there would be a lot of free recordings of short material like the prayers or messages from the House plus some professional quality Bahá’í audio books for sale. The adds you saw weren’t supposed to stay up there – just a little test about placement of adds for the audio books. Alas, just around that time I had to entirely redirect my energy towards other things. I literally hadn’t looked at anything more than the front page of the site since sometime last spring.

      But enough with the excuses. The adds are gone and won’t come back, and God willing I’ll be able to put more time back into developing the site further very soon.

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