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  1. Brenda Egan

    I have been a Bahai for 3 yrs. I am learning so much, mostly about myself. It seems I have been living my life oblivious of it’s importance. Since I have been following the Faith I have learned that one of my “jobs” is to Love everyone. Not just people who think like me or who are pretty and appealing, entertaining and witty. No, with a pure heart we are called to give love to everyone. In our society, this is not a very sought after attribute. People see you as weak or stupid if you try to see the good in all or are willing to forfeit judgment for forgiveness and understanding.
    Baha’u’llah says to reflect God’s attributes. It takes work and committment to Him to do this. It’s easier to live a life of self indulgence and judging others in order to make ourselves feel better. I look at the world and think “how can people live so carelessly”. I feel so sad for the children, for the powerless. We in this country are so very fortunante, but many feel they just don’t have enough or that someone is trying to take it away. God forgive us. While there are children suffering and dying we are worried about our own little petty wants and needs. I don’t mean to sound so self rightous. God knows I have much work to do on myself. But I sure have had a reality check. So it’s a spirtial life I am persuing. How about you?

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